Oct 22, 2009

Gynecomastia And Teens

Overall, two types of men a boob known as Gynecomastia and Pseudogynecomastia is affecting some teens today. Whether you are a teen or an adult male, it can be embarrassing as people stare at your like you are some sort of a freak. Gynecomastia sometimes occurs from at the puberty stage and ceases, yet some of the older generation develop man boobs later.

Gynecomastia, when it develops in teens is not necessary related to obesity. After a few years, man boobs often disappear. Teens need to watch their weight very closely to prevent body fat from building up more to help them take control of man boobs.

Experts are not clear on the causes of gynecomastia, yet some indicators from study has shown some proof that the cause could possibly be from imbalances of sex hormones, or else too much estrogen build up. Depending on how the breast tissue responds to the hormones themselves. The appearance resulting from Gynecomastia has an extra tissue and fat around the breastbone. In men, it appears as double chest fat or puffy nipples.

Science has figured that possibly the hormones produced more estrogen and less testosterone. Chronic kidney, liver, and HIV diseases along with some others could be a cause for enlarged breast also. Steroids, food supplements, cancer treatments, spinal cord injury, and marijuana are known to increase estrogen levels.

When man boobs appear it doesn’t necessary cause physical harm, yet the condition may cause soreness around the breast area and tenderness about the nipples. The condition can be treated with certain medications to control the symptoms.

Don’t try to treat Gynecomastia on your own. See your doctor if you think you have gynecomastia. Let your doctor do his job because some medications are known to be the cause and there are some for treating them. For example, radiation treatment for prostate cancer is known for causing enlarge breast.

Surgery is usually recommended as treatment of Gynecomastia. Beware that many insurance companies will not pay for this procedure because it is considered cosmetic surgery.
Exercise is not the answer to decreasing enlarged breast tissue in some cases. More and more men are finding that it is a lost cause to exercise for decreasing this tissue. Therefore, sometimes gynecomastia surgery is the only answer.

The second type of Gynecomastia is the Pseudogynecomastia, known as the fake Gynecomastia.

Pseudogynecomastia is chest fat around the breastbone. Chest fat can be decreased with exercise on a regular basis. When you begin an exercise program; don’t stop after a few days.
In order to see sufficient results a person needs to continue the program as an on going way of life.

When exercising to reduce chest fat plan 4 days a week to exercise. On two of these days, you should work with a low intensity program. Walking and biking are a couple good ways to work out on these days. Plan at least two days to enjoy light resistance workouts, such as weights lifting or resistance machines. Seek support to encourage you with your new program. Having a partner will motivate and give you support to help you stick with your plan to reduce man boobs.

Setting goals for your new program is a great way to keep up your motivation. Make your goals short and long term to keep your goals current at all times. With goals, you’ll be able to see progress as each one is reached.

You’ll find that with goals, an exercise program to lose chest fat will help you sleep better, and your diet will improve to help you lose weight. Teenagers often find it difficult to stick with a plan, but if you are dealing with gynecomastia and teens issue then you must set goals and adhere to a plan.


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